Why I Do Not Specifically Target Long Tail Search Phrases

by Michael on July 10, 2009

Long tail searches are long tail for a reason… They occur naturally as a combination of words. As opposed to more general searches which are a simple word or combination, long tails are natural combination that is not popular enough to target. I could take the following steps:

  1. Research relevant keyword combinations that receive 500-4000 monthly searches on Google.
  2. Research the competition related to those particular keywords
  3. Write a post with the specific intent of becoming the top organic search result on Google.

If I manage to be successful, I would see decent incoming traffic from that search term (150-1,200) per month. However, given the time and planning required for such a post, I might be able to write 3-4 posts instead. For me, this is an easy choice to make.

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