Build Upon Your Success and Foundation

by Michael on July 18, 2009

In both the world of publishing and blogging, you truly need to build upon your previous successes.  If you do not, you will squander the foundation that you have built.  The foundation upon which, you could have built your success.   It is inspiring to look at what Shoemoney or Fantasy Flight Games have built.  They are the place that I look to for inspiration with Tasty Minstrel Games and  I have to remind myself that what they have built was done slowly over time through hard work.

I expected going into my one week Twitter traffic experiment that I would see decent response and clickthrough to my blog posts that I tweeted about.  I fully expected that the results of the one week Twitter traffic experiment would be much more interesting to potential readers.  I did not however expect to receive 116 clickthroughs to the post that were tracked by and at least one incoming link that sent another 12 visitors.  Not to mention the visitors not tracked by

My post on how to publish board games received less traffic from Twitter, but more traffic overall.  This is the result of my previous knowledge about where to let people know about the new post.  I was building upon my previous efforts in networking and preparatory marketing for the board games I am publishing.  In other words, I was building on my prior efforts and successes.

The Eternal Interview Question

I have never been asked how I would move Mount Fuji.  I do however have an answer…  “The same way you move any mountain, one rock at a time.”

I now have to remember to take my own advice, and move one rock at a time.

What Is The Next Rock To Move?

The next big rock to move may be a combination of publishing with internet marketing in the form of an upcoming Tasty Minstrel Games announcement.

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